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I finished getting the servers mostly put together today...our box of RAM got lost in shipping, they're sending out another tomorrow. Aside from that, I got the hard disks installed in the 7 servers....HP sends EVERYTHING not in their 'smart buy' setup I had 7 servers, 4 network cards, 2 CPUs, and something like 26 hard disks.

As a result, the gym has been neglected tonight and last night, but I'm definitely going tomorrow night. I'm just gonna relax a little, watch some TV, and maybe play some more Mario Galaxy.

When I get a chance, I have to re-do my MythTV setup, and start actually watching some of what I've recorded. I think I'm going to dedicate 1 night a week to just watching TV and playing the Wii. Monday or Tuesday sounds like good nights - depending upon when I go to the gym...If I do Mon/Wed/Fri, then Tuesday. If I do Tu/Th/Sat, then Monday...


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Jason on :

Remember yesterday we were talking about how much Safari sucks and my overall hatred for OS X? Well when I got home guess what was ready for download.... That's right, Safari. I've been using it since I got it and there is almost nothing you can do to customize it. I have none of the fun mouse gestures of Opera and is not as fast as Opera. All in all this is very disappointing however I'll need to keep it or Apple Update Software (another program iTunes requires me to have) will continue bitching at me because I don't have it.

I hate Apple.

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