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Invisalign Part 2

Wednesday I moved onto my second set of retainers for Invisalign. I must say, that even though I knew it would be bad, I wasn't prepared for the fact that the entire day I had a headache because my mouth was in so much pain. However, on Thursday it was still painful, and while I still couldn't wait to take it out during the time that I eat, my headache was at least no longer a problem. Today, it's only slightly more noticable then how it usually is, so the estimate of 2-3 days of "discomfort" was not off in terms of time, but the severity was a little more then I expected. It's much easier to take them out now, but not as easily as the last set was at the end of the first 3 weeks. Overall, I'm still happy I'm doing it, as after 12 months my teeth will finally be the way I want them to be.


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Paul on :

Well this just scared me... I have a consultation for Invisalign this Monday, lol. I had been thinking about doing the newer braces that go behind your teeth but then Tara told me about Invisalign. Sounds like it's worth the money if I can take them out during the rare occasions that I don't want them! Is it supposed to be as effective as traditional braces? Don't know about you, but my dental plans only covers such till age 19 so this will be out of pocket.

Hope all is well,

Matt D on :

It gets better as time moves on - still 2 days of discomfort, but the severity decreases after the first couple of aligners...

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